NTC's American English Learners's Dictionary: The Essential Vocabulary of American Language and Culture (+ CD-ROM) Букинистическое издание Сохранность: Хорошая Издательство: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Company, 1998 инфо 7032p.

Редактор: Richard A Spears This up-to-date reference for American English is an indispensable learning tool that will build and strengthen the developing vocabularies - and vocabulary-building skills вбося- of learners at all levels It is presented in a clear, uncomplicated format with a minimum of codes, abbreviations, and special symbols Using this dictionary will improve your speaking, writing, and understanding of English At least two example sentences are givenвндиш with each definition, so you can see words used properly and effectively in real-life situations To ensure comprehension, virtually every word used in the definitions is defined within the dictionary Common American idioms are defined and given sample sentences, so you will learn these important English expressions The Idioms and Phrases Index makes these expressions easy to find in the body of the dictionary 72,000 example sentences - all in plain English 35,000 senses, inвтбоыcluding compounds and idioms 22,000 main entries, with the part of speech for each sense International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciation for each entry Idioms and Phrases Index Gazetteer of 450 placenames, with pronunciations and maps Прилагаемый к изданию диск (CD-ROM) упакован в специальный целлофановый конверт и вложен внутрь книги.